When should I rebuild my website?


When should I rebuild my website?

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Unsurprisingly, a company wants to rebuild its website. We would like to point out some common indications that it may be time to refresh your site.

You are static

Is your website more than just an e-booklet? If so, you are missing out on its true interactivity (and dozens more ways to sell your product / service and boost your search engine rankings).

Your bounce rate is high!

The bounce rate is the amount of visitors who arrive at your site and leave almost immediately. (You can usually find out the dropout rate in analytics reports, eg Google Analytics)

In general, a high bounce rate means that either your website is slow, that is, from the moment the user clicks to the appearance of your website, it does not target a specific group of people or it is poorly constructed. All of these issues can be resolved by redesigning your website.

Your competitors outperform your competitors.

Control the competition. What do their sites look like? Do they get higher search scores than you? What do their sites offer? Controlling competition does not mean looking for ways to steal ideas. You just have to make sure that you stay one step ahead with the best possible website.

It's difficult to add your own content

With the right content management system added with a website redesign, you and your team can make easier changes (from updating posts to adding new products and service pages).


The bottom line is that every few years (2, 3, 4) a website, like any business needs the necessary renewal, either for technological reasons, or for design reasons, or for various other reasons that may arise, such as changing the direction of work etc.