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Douka Jewelry online

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Christina's unique, handmade creations from Douka Jewelry are now on their own website.


We are a small, family-run jewelry workshop and store located in Chania, Crete, with a big passion for jewelry!

Christina Douka has been creating for over 30 years bespoke handmade jewelry with hand-picked stones, silver and gold in designs of understated elegance that combine art with wearability.

She finds inspiration in nature's organic forms to create shapes that combine architectural precision with artistic freedom. Christina produces unique pieces made of fine metals and genuine stones that reflect that they are works of female craftsmanship in an attempt to balance tenderness with power, perfection with irregularity, ultimately creating jewelry which "breathes" – true to her philosophy: jewelry is not something to be worn only on special occasions but a wear-everyday pleasure!

In our studio and store in the Old Town of Chania, we present to you our own exclusive collections as well as selected jewelry from other workshops and artists.

It is our pleasure to help you select or create especially for you the jewelry that best suits you and enhances your look.

Our vision is to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind, time-enduring jewelry for you and your loved ones.

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