Storytelling websites

Design and development of a website is a complex process, which goes through many distinct stages of design, development and evaluation, until the final website is published, always according to the internet standards.

At imonline, the creation of each website is treated as a unique production, taking into account the specifics of each project, its requirements and objectives.

Our company has developed a unique tool, imonline cms. imonline cms is an innovative solution that covers the full range of content management needs. Due to its structured architecture it focuses on your current needs and expands quickly and easily.

The technologies we use to build a website are the following:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

The steps we follow during the design and implementation of a website and the additional services offered are as follows:

1. Project analysis

We discuss extensively and understand exactly the reason for the creation of the website, as well as the goals that the project wants to achieve. We propose ways to achieve these goals, with realistic expectations, based on the competition in the market in which it operates, as well as the perspective of maintenance and development of the project. We respect the wishes of our clients, but we act as consultants in this field, based on our many years of experience.

2. Design

The visual part of the website is undertaken by the graphic design department of our company, which creates based on: the type of the website, the data that have emerged from the project analysis and the commercial needs. The design and the functional design go through a separate phase of evaluation and controls, before the development starts, in order to be sure that it meets all the conditions that have been set.

3. Development

The development is divided into individual stages of implementation which are carried out in parallel and each of which is subject to continuous checks of proper operation. This stage includes quality controls on usability, design control to be compatible with the latest firmware versions of all browsers, speed and security checks on the site and content checks.

4. Ξ€esting and GO live!

At this stage the website operates in a real internet environment and its design and functionality are re-checked by more test users. Our company has created the Device Lab in order to realistically check compatibility with mobile devices. After the completion of the audit, the website is studied for any additional corrections or changes and then transferred to the live server where it is now published on the internet.